Louton Design can solve all your engineering problems with our wealth of experience in the engineering industry. Utilizing such programs as AutoCAD, Unigraphics NX and Solid Edge ST,
Louton Design is ready to face your engineering challenges!

Pipe Tracing:
Louton Design provides a pipe tracing service to many clients in the Bell Bay area.

This service includes finding locations of all site pipes, laying these out in a drawing format showing reference to all locations of valves, regulators, actuators, etc. All pipes will be labeled with a sign showing exactly what is inside and showing the direction of the flow of the substance that is inside. Valves etc. are all labeled and marked with a number, which then references the drawing and excel database allowing easy indentification of all valves and pipes.

This service is ideal for the following site services:

• Natural Gas
• Liquid Oxygen
• Water services (Industrial, Portable, Cooling, Boosted)
• Fire Services